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Her Darkest Hour

Yolonda Terrell_McMillon
Yolonda Terrell_McMillon
$9.99 paperback /
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184 pages
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When teenager Louise Jackson finds that her beloved mother has died in her sleep, secrets and lies come floating to the surface, turning her world upside down, and forever changing the course of her life. Discovering incomprehensible motives of evil, deceit and revenge in those around her, a brokenhearted Louise is thrown onto a torturous path and discovers chilling and unknown new horrors awaiting her. Her Darkest Hour is the gripping story of one individual who forges through life despite recurring tragedies and travesties and continues to rise above the onslaught of life's catastrophes.

Its a wonderful story of what do you do when life happens to you. Its a story of struggle, perseverance and triumph in the life of a teenage girl.

Comment by: Yolonda Terrell-McMillon
User Rating: 5


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