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God's Graffiti - Inspiring Stories for Teens

Romal Tune
Judson Pr
$11.83 paperback /
$11.24 e-book
144 pages

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No one escapes the challenges of childhood, but we can conquer them! Highlighting noted “at-risk” youth in the Bible and sharing his own story of growing up in poverty amid crime and violence, Rev. Romal Tune details how obstacles can become opportunities through faith. In God’s Graffiti, he will help you:

•Stop past pain and failure from hindering your future
•Value good and bad experiences and use them as building blocks for success
•Deal with your anger and fear to become emotionally whole and healthy
•Restore broken relationships and see the victory in God

Both practical and inspirational, this Bible study celebrates men and women in Scripture who left troubled pasts behinds to claim purpose-filled futures!


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