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The HBF Panel Discussions are located in the Schomburg Library and Countee Cullen Library. Entrance to all discussions, workshops, and presentations are free to the public. Schedule is subject to change.


12:00 – 1:15p     That Elusive Market: Is Urban Latino Fiction the
Presenter: Carlos Austin,
Director, CW11 (WPIX-TV)
Moderator: Robert Rose, CEO, AIM Tell-A-Vision Group
Panelists: Jeff Rivera (Forever My Lady), Jenoyne Adams, Literary Agent, Marcela Landres, Editorial Consultant, Paola Soto, HarperCollins Publishers

"Is Urban Latino Fiction the Answer?" is a panel discussion of leading book publishing professionals who are pioneers in an emerging trend in publishing that is poised to take the book market by storm, Urban Latino Fiction. The panel will discuss who this market is, as well as how to write for them, reach them, and publish for the fastest growing minority group in the country, 40 million strong. Sponsored by American Latino TV and LatiNation.

1:30 – 2:45p        The Book Review in Print: The Last of a Dying Breed?
Moderator: TK
Panelists: Shunda Leigh,
Booking Matters Magazine; Troy Johnson,; Ron Kavanaugh, Mosaic Books

Over the past five years, book coverage at dozens of newspapers has been cut back or slashed altogether, puffed up with wire copy, or generally treated as expendable. How does this impact the marketing of books targeted to the African American reader, which already suffers from paltry recognition in the mass media? Authors can purchase a review in some black book review publications. Is this an unethical abuse of reader trust or simply a necessary business tool for ad-starved publications?

3:00 – 4:15p        From Behind the Wall to Wal-Mart: Urban Book
                               Publishers Make It Real 
Moderator: TK
Panelists: Relentless Aaron
(Derelict); Zane (Dear G-Spot: Straight Talk About Sex and Love
); Hixson (Convict's Candy)

If Terry McMillan knocked down the wall, Zane, the Queen of Erotica, knocked down the building. Relentless Aaron wrote from prison, published upon his release, and never looked back. Hixon, too, writes from the prison to the streets. These firebrands match street-savvy to their vision. Come and learn how to up your game - any game.

4:30 – 5:45p        Love & Intimacy: Getting It and Keeping It!

Moderated by Angelo Hunt, Roy Frank,
and Marc Collins of The Flow, an internet and live forum Relationship Dialogue
Panelists: S. S. Neeley (Avoiding Dating Games); Dr. Ijoy (Family Therapy Moment With Ijoy); Sabrina Lamb, (Bullshit in the Black Community); Deborah Cofer (White Fish Pate, Smoked Salmon, & A Loaf of Raisin Nut Bread)

It is assumed that love and intimacy are naturally a part of a committed relationship. But are they really? Love is more than a good feeling and intimacy is more than sex. Do these concepts hold the same meanings for each partner? Do our concepts of Love and Intimacy say more about who we are than the quality of our relationships? How are these concepts influenced by social forces, such as media and religion? Has what we believe love and intimacy to be brought the fulfillment we seek in our relationships?

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