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The Brittle Paper Awards for African writers a Huge Success. Read more...


The Brittle Paper Awards recognize the finest, original pieces of literature by Africans available online for free. A $1,100 cash prize is spread across five categories which reflect its effort to capture the range of literary dialogue on the continent: the Brittle Paper Award for Fiction ($200), the Brittle Paper Award for Poetry ($200), the Brittle Paper Award for Creative Nonfiction ($200), the Brittle Paper Award for Essays & Think Pieces ($200), and the Brittle Paper Anniversary Award ($300) for writing published on their blog.

The 2017 winners were: South African memoirist Sisonke Msimang for Essays & Think Pieces, Liberian novelist Hawa Jande Golakai for Creative Nonfiction, Nigerian poet JK Anowe for Poetry, South African writer Megan Ross for Fiction, and Nigerian poet Chibuihe Obi for the Anniversary Award. Click here for the 2018 winners...

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