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Quiver of the Pure Heart

Burnita Bluitt
274 pages

In 1948, San Francisco’s Fillmore District was designated a redevelopment area, sparking tumultuous decades in which, according to city officials, 883 businesses were shuttered, 4,729 households were forced out, and roughly 2,500 Victorian homes were demolished. In Quiver of the Pure Heart, twenty-eight year old Blis Dumas’ peaceful life and sense of security becomes the target of a well-crafted scheme to displace primarily African-American residents from the Western Addition’s Fillmore District, their “Harlem of the West.” Her world crumbles as she is notified that her own Victorian home, inherited from her grandfather, is in jeopardy of demolition by the San Francisco Redevelopment Bureau and she must sell to them…or so she thinks. She uncovers family secrets that reveal her problem is much closer to home. Blis fights to save the home she adores; fights the temptation of an incorrigible former lover; and fights the threat to a tender, new, budding romance.

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