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Travesty - A Love Story

Y. Abrahaim
Yisrah Smit
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106 pp pages
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Forbidden love affair leads to treachery, deceit and murder; as lies are revealed, secrets uncovered. Forty years as a cold case file, the ones responsible are finally able to be tried in court thanks to unknown evidence from an unknown witness surfacing. As the court date draws closer, the rabbit hole gets deeper and the plot thickens on the truth behind a murder that rocked the lives of all involved.

This book surrounds a murder which occurred after the victory of the Montgomery Bus Boycott. Forty years after the murder the case is revisited and secrets arise. The rabbit hole gets deeper. Travesty defined. This is truly an awesome read.

Comment by: Yisrah Abrahaim
User Rating: 5

An excellent book to read.

Comment by: yosef abrahaim
User Rating: 5

This book is a must read! From the moment I began reading, I could not put it down.

Comment by: Desiree Williams
User Rating: 5


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