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Harlem Book Fair 2018: Our 20th Year Celebration!

Max Rodriguez QBRGreetings, Authors, Publishers, and Artists. We are ready to launch the 20th Anniversary Celebration of the Harlem Book Fair and the last 20 years of Black Writing.

I write to invite you to participate in the upcoming 2018 Harlem Book Fair. This past year, 2017, marked a turning point for the Harlem Book Fair. In response to increased service-provider costs, we chose to downsize the footprint of the book fair. Rather than increasing our vendor pricing to offset these rising costs, we chose to manage the event in a way that allows us to always make this book fair available as a measure of our intellectual contribution to Arts & Letters, and world culture.

We understand that venue hosts must meet their increasing costs. We empathize with their "tightened budgets". These demands spur the Harlem Book Fair to the creativity that has long been the measure which marks this resilient nation.This year we are deepening our relationship with our exhibitors, allowing us an opportunity to redesign the entire layout of the book festival. I think you will be as excited as I am. 

We will launch our 20th year celebration with a 4-day Harlem Book Fair Author & Reader Cruise to Bermuda on June 21st. Hold the date! We will expand our author and book promotions throughout the year, and will included add the HBF Exhibitor and 2018 Wheatley Book Awards submission form in November of this year. The awards program continues to add to the prestige of the nominees and their titles. The Wheatley Awards are open to all books published in 2017. 

As in 2017, I am asking for your program ideas so that you may better promote your work, either as a reading author, a panelist or a workshop leader. Please forward those ideas as soon as possible. We have streamlined our presentation venues and will select tyhe best of your ideas. 

Our websites are being updated (www.qbr.com; www.harlembookfair.com) and are available for promotional advertising placement. You need not attend the festival to promote your book to the many who will visit, but registered exhibitors will benefit from a very generous discount (from already low pricing). We will also display your book for those who are unable to attend in person. Please email me at advertising@qbr.com for additional information.

We continue to look hard at what has worked and what has hindered the festival. 2018 will bring new voices, new partners, and a better Harlem Book Fair attendee experience, which I am certain, will translate into a better experience for you. I will be send periodic updates via newsletters (make sure that you are signed up!) but feel free to visit the site to check what's new.

This is your first opportunity to secure your space at the 2018 Harlem Book Fair. If you cannot download the Exhibitor Application Form, drop me an email at mrod@qbr.com, I will list you and ensure your early registration pricing.

While Marty Berg will field all of your registration questions (917.406.1727), feel free to call me or email (914.231.6778; mrod@qbr.com) with all promotional questions. I promise to answer you personally. Thank you. I hope to see you on the launch cruise in June! I'll be there!!!!


Max Rodriguez, Publisher & Founder 
QBR/The Black Book Review
Harlem Book Fair

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