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Cheaper To Keep Her 3

Kiki Swinson
KS Publications
$15 paperback /
$5.99 e-book
238 pages

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With all the bloodshed from people close to her, Lynise thought it was best to leave Virginia with Bishop until the dusk settles. He took her to his hometown in Newark, New Jersey and set her up in a nice apartment off Mount Prospect. Everything is running smoothly while she's playing house with Bishop. But when Bishop's main lady gets word that he is entertaining a chick from the South, tensions will rise and fists will be thrown. While Lynise tries to deal with being the other woman, a new man will force himself on her and throw more drama on her plate. In addition to that, the homicide detectives and the Carter brothers are tossing her name around back in Virginia. And once she finds this out, she'll be forced to make yet another choice about which direction her life will take next.


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