Whose Poem Is It?




Whose POEM Is It? is an improvisational freestyle poetry program. The program consists of a host and  a panel of three poets who create free style poems on the spot, all delivered in poetic verse. Topics for the poems are based on either audience suggestions or prompts from the host. The program takes the form of a game show with the audience assigning points for the best performance and choosing a winner at the end of each poem.

The number and type of poetic 'games' vary from program to program and no two programs are ever alike. Some games, such as "Tag", easily become a crowd favorite. Others like 'You're a Poet and You Didn't Know It!' engage the audience in very unexpected ways. Some games require suggestions and the host sometimes calls to the audience for topics. All games are designed to test the performer's poetic and improvisational skill. The host also controls a buzzer, which ends the game. Each program features up to 5 improvised poetry games, plus a featured guest poet and a traditional 'open mic' segment for those poets interested in reaching a wider audience.

LBTha Lady Blogga, special Guest MC, is just that… Unique and Of Her Own Kind. A certified Triple Threat, equipped with beauty, brains and sex appeal… The blog world is a place where voices can be heard at will, and when Tha Lady Blogga screams you have no choice but to listen. She’ll give it to you raw and uncut, from music to everyday life. There ain’t no sugar coatin’ here!!41610 245768861471 6098 n

Program Host Bob McNeil has served as Poetry Editor for BLACFAX.  His two books, Secular Sacraments, as well as The Nubian Gallery: A Poetry Anthology, can be found in various libraries, universities and bookstores.  Besides writing professionally, Bob enjoys performing for television, radio broadcasts and other recital venues.  His love of the spoken word medium is apparent on his CD, Rapping You with the Facts.  His poems and music can be found on www.myspace.com

Jonathan Harris has performed for audiences throughout the White Plains, NY public library system and at the annual Harlem Book Fair.   As a slam poet, he has participated in and won several competitions.   Also known as John the Baptizer, or the Poet jtb, Jonathan wants to continue sharing his consciousness-awakening poetry with diverse audiences.  Through his poetic words, he manages to reach people with heartfelt messages about education and inspiration.
Jamal “Jskillz” Hinnant has performed his poetry in 14 states.  Moreover, his spoken word performances have been seen internationally.  For example, Ghana had the pleasure of experiencing Jamal’s lyrical visions.  On his list of distinctions, he did shows for PBS, UPN and MTV2.  Besides Jamal’s other great accomplishments, this young spoken word artist won the NY Knicks’ Poetry Jam.  Because of his talent and ambition, Jamal was chosen to co-host a show in New Jersey. 
Taheem Ransom aka 'Great Grand Daddy' hails from Brooklyn, NY.  This rising star in the Hip-Hop scene has performed at the Brooklyn Public Library and the National Black Writer’s Conference at Medgar Evers College, as well as other venues.  To his credit, he has shared a stage with the illustrious Staceyann Chin.  At present, he is performing for Max Rodriguez in a series of freestyle shows.