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BLACKBALLED: The Black and White Politics of Race on America’s Campuses

Lawrence Ross
St. Martin's Press
288 pages

Nearly every week there are stories about racist incidents happening on college campuses across the country, and the leaders of these colleges are finally starting to be held accountable. Specifically, the recent incidents at the University of Missouri actually led to the resignation of the President. But is enough being done to curb the root of such racist events before it spreads? Missouri was a great example of how informing students of such injustice mobilized the masses to protest; more than that, it illustrated that students have more power than they have been led to believe. Beyond the Missouri campus, there are the countless stories of white fraternity and sorority members wearing blackface, singing slave-era songs, and schools turning a blind eye to the fact that they’ve honored white racists with buildings and statues on campus. This is an important and necessary look at how race culture is affecting our youth at institutions where they are supposedly protected and encouraged to have an open mind.  BLACKBALLED also illustrates how the impact of racially-driven exclusion follows students long after graduation.

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