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Ad winner smSix Things to Know Before
Promoting Your Book...
with Anyone

1. Promotion is as important to the success of a book as is
a good cover, good editing, and a well-told story.

The distinct value you will receive from an online promotion
is that readers can immediately respond to a call-to-purchase.
Your promotion can transport or reader directly to a checkout counter.
Promotion is a critical part of the bookselling and audience
development process.

2. Good books are written but best sellers are made.
Your promotional team must be active in the success of your
Your promotional partner should want to know your results
because your results confirm the value of its offer. Make sure your
partner is available to you both during and after your campaign.

3. A promotional partner cannot guarantee your results
but they can guarantee their results.
You are not buying 'advertising'; you are buying exposure. It's a measurable world. The right partner will guarantee the number of times (impressions) and places your promotion will be seen.

4. The right partner will offer you the maximum amount of exposure at the lowest possible price. You have invested good time and money in an editor, book cover, and printer. The right partner will walk your title into the marketplace in a way that sustains its own business while allowing yours to grow.

5. The right promotional partner will have many proven platforms on which to promote your book or product. They will certainly have more than one promotional platform, but at least three. Know what they are, and know where to find them. If you can't find them, chances are no one else can.

6. The right partner will know why you are promoting your title and will support you in reaching those goals. (Hint: the answer is not only to sell books!)

Congratulations on your title. Thank you for trusting QBR with the promotion of your book and product. It is always a pleasure to introduce worthwhile books to our readers. If you have any questions please email me at mrod@qbr.com or call 914-231-6778. We look forward to hearing from you.


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